Ladies Winter League during Covid-19

Week 20 is the last week. From 1st April Ladies Days start (Covid compliant!)

(Forgotten which group you are in? The list is hanging up at the Office)
Note: 9 Hole cards must be for a complete front (when open) or a complete back 9

RESULTS week 19 (March 8-14)
Team Blue 341
Team Purple 252
Team Pink  215
Team Green 209

RESULTS week 18 (March 1-7)
Team Blue 317
Team Purple 242
Team Pink  203
Team Green 190

RESULTS week 17 (February 22-28)
Team Blue 282                                                                
Team Purple 210                                                                            
Team Pink 178                                                                 
Team Green 144  

RESULTS week 16 (February 15-21)
Team Blue 254
Team Purple 192
Team Pink  158
Team Green 129

RESULTS week 15 (February 8-14)
No results due to the course closure

RESULTS week 14 (February 1-7)
No results due to the course closure 

RESULTS Week 13 (January 25–31)
Team Blue 232
Team Purple 167
Team Pink  146
Team Green 120

Results Week 12 (January 18-24)
Team Blue 228                                
Team Purple 158                                            
Team Pink  138                                
Team Green 115  

Results Week 11 (January 11-17)
Team Blue 219
Team Purple 146
Team Pink 130
Team Green 97

RESULTS Week 10 (January 4-10)
Team Blue 203
Team Purple 132
Team Pink  121
Team Green 93

RESULTS Week 9 (December 28- January 3)
Team Blue 182
Team Purple 118
Team Pink  113
Team Green 89

RESULTS Week 8 (December 21-27)
Team Blue 169
Team Purple 111
Team Pink  106
Team Green 83

RESULTS Week 7 (December 14-20)
Team Blue 155
Team Purple 102
Team Pink  100
Team Green 75

RESULTS Week 6 (December 7-13)
Team Blue 155
Team Pink  99
Team Purple 97
Team Green 77

RESULTS Week 5 (November 30 - December 6)
Team Blue 133
Team Pink  96
Team Purple 87
Team Green 72

RESULTS week 4 (November 23-29)
Team Blue  125
Team Pink  76
Team Purple 71
Team Green 48

RESULTS week 3 (November 16-22)
Team Blue  69
Team Pink  62
Team Purple 52
Team Green 28

RESULTS week 2 (November 9-15)
Team Pink  45
Team Blue  41
Team Purple 23
Team Green 20 

RESULTS Week 1 (November 2-8)
Team Blue  26
Team Pink  25  
Team Green 9
Team Purple 4

The Ladies committee have created a fun, socially distanced, bubble friendly way to keep us all out practicing during the winter months.
All our Kampenhout Ladies have been selected for one of the 4 groups. Each group is comprised of players of all skill levels including rabbits and starters.  Even if you don’t have a handicap now and are working on your theoretical and practical exams you are included in a group. All you have to do to participate is pass a Starter exam or play at least two rounds and submit your completed signed cards before the weekly deadlines. 
The winter league runs from November 2, 2020 till March 21, 2021
For Players on the Course, how to complete your card:
For Starters exam points:
On a paper include:
Points awarded to the best results entered per week
Round Rabbit or Ladies  
Best score 5 points
2nd score 4 points
3rd score 3 points
4th score     2 points
5th score 1 point
Theoretical exam 5 points
Practical exam 5 points
  1. Format is stroke play with a maximum per hole of net double bogey (That is, Par for the hole, plus 2, plus the number of strokes you have on that hole based on your handicap) This is the format for the WHS so it is good to get used to this.
  2. If winter tees are used indicate on your card that you have played from the winter tees.
  3. If holes are closed during the winter, your score for those holes will be a net par (par plus your strokes based on your handicap) please mark those scores on your card.
  4. If winter greens are in use, a putt stopping within 50cm of the hole we will assume it would go into the hole with 1 stroke, so count the stroke and pick up your ball.
  5. The groups will be made up of players with Handicap 0 -20.4, Handicap 20.5-36, Rabbits & Starters
  6. Best score counts (if more than one card per week is submitted only your best score will be included)
  7. Points will be awarded to starters for passing the theoretical exam and the practical exam.
  8. Cards not submitted before the close of the Secretary Office Sunday evening will not be included.  No exceptions.
  9. Covid-19 special rules.
    1. Play within your bubble!
    2. Play by the Park & Play rules and have your playing partner mark your score and sign your card. 
    3. Leave your completed card in the box at the secretary’s office. Note, cards must be complete!
    4. (If Covid-19 rules are relaxed and we can resume competitions, handicap players can follow the normal registration process on I-golf and the ability to play in mixed groups.  Cards will be submitted after the competition and calculated into the winter league team results.)