Ladies Interclub 2022

April 23, 24 & 30
Mei 1 halve finale
Mei 8 Finale

Every year we start the season with the Belgian Interclubs. This is the National Championship where the clubs play against each other. There are teams for Juniors, Men & Ladies, which take place in April and early May whilst the Seniors and Seniors 65+ takes place in September.   The teams are placed in 3 Categories: -

·      Ladies I             players with a maximum handicap of 24.4, 
·      Ladies II            players with handicaps between 10.5 and a maximum of 24.4, 
·      Ladies III           players with handicaps between 16.5 and a maximum of 24.4.  
Currently, Kampenhout has 3 Ladies teams: 
Ladies I, division 2
Ladies II, division 2
Ladies III, division 1  -    and are the 2018 Belgian National Champions and runners up in 2019!
(the official photograph can be seen in the clubhouse)

As the competition is played in match-play format with no handicap adjustments, the club tries to select our strongest players with the lowest handicap for each division.  If your handicap after the January adjustment is ranked in one of these categories, you may be invited to join the team.  If you are not selected but are still interested in participating, caddies are always welcome and is a great experience!