Ladies Calendar 2019

Whether you play for fun or to improve your handicap we hope that you will enjoy the new golf season with us!
If you are a working Golfer maybe you would like to try playing the Saturday morning Business Eclectic or one of the evening competitions. If you haven't been able to play the Interclubs there is even an opportunity to try out the Course at Enghien Golf Club and we haven't forgotten our Ladies Rabbits - you can enjoy a fun day out in Millennium playing the 9 hole course + dinner.

Check i-golf to enroll! 

Vrijdag         15     Info-avond dames & rabbits
Zaterdag      23     Fun Socialiser by Ladies Committee

Zaterdag      06    Openingsprize by Strokes the Golf Shop - Chapman Joker
Donderdag   25    Eclectic Ladies + Rabbits (C)

Donderdag   09    Golf Vlaanderen Van Lanschot Trofee - (Q)  (winnaars naar 1/2 Finale Brabantse)
Zaterdag      11     Business Eclectic (C)
Donderdag  16     Amicale Keerbergen UIT
Zaterdag      18    UITSTAP RABBITS - Millennium

Dinsdag       04     International Womens Golf Day by Mamas for Africa (Ladies+Seniors fun)
Donderdag   13    Ladies Invite Evening by Colette
Donderdag   27    Eclectic Ladies + Rabbits (C)

Donderdag   04    Ladies Invite Evening 'Independence Day' by Susan (fun)
Donderdag   11    Louis Widmer Challenge (Q)
Donderdag   18    Ladies Invite Evening by Anique
Zaterdag      20     UITSTAP ENGHIEN (min 36HC)
Donderdag   25    Eclectic Ladies + Rabbits (C)
Zaterdag      27     Business Eclectic (C)

Zondag        04     Children's Hope Challenge (Q)  Finale in Rigenee 5/09
Donderdag   08     Eclectic Ladies + Rabbits (C)
Zaterdag      10     Business Eclectic (C)
Donderdag   22     Amicale The National-Duisburg-Brabantse IN
Donderdag   29    Ladies Day by Janien 

Zaterdag      07    Business Eclectic (C)
                20 &21  LADIES WEEKEND
Donderdag   26    Ladies Captains' Cup (C)

Donderdag   24    Halloween Fun Competition by Ann & Marina

Ladies Closing Meeting & Dinner