Birdie Tree

We would like to introduce you to a new concept: The Birdie Tree (& more). We will be celebrating our smaller golfing achievements this season too :-)

If you have a handicap higher than 20,4 then whenever you play a in a competition or with a partner and you play a PAR or BIRDIE fill in a form and put in on the tree, for handicaps lower than 20,4 only BIRDIE counts. If it is during a Kampenhout Competition add a W after the Hole so that we can check this with the office.

The Birdie Tree is standing beside the Notice Board in the Locker room. A box has empty templates and pins beside the Tree. Fill in a LEAF for PAR and a BIRD for BIRDIE with your name, handicap, date and Hole number (with W for competition) or if you played with a partner get them to sign the back as proof and pin it on the tree – sorry, but playing alone doesn’t count.

Every month we will take the leaves and birds down and a random winner of the PAR and BIRDIE will be rewarded.

A ranking of the scores will be available soon.