Birdie Tree

Are you ready to fill the Birdie Tree again?  The Birdie Tree will be out for the Opening Competition on Sunday 29th March.

We will be celebrating our smaller golfing achievements again and we are extending this to Eagles.

The Birdie Tree will be standing beside the Notice Board in the Locker room.
A box has empty templates and pins beside the Tree. Fill in a LEAF for PAR, a BIRD for BIRDIE  or a BLUE BIRD for EAGLE with your name, handicap, date and Hole number (with W for competition) or if you played with a partner get them to sign the back as proof and pin it on the tree – sorry, but playing alone doesn’t count!

Handicap >20.5  add PAR or BIRDIE
Handicap <20.4  add BIRDIE or EAGLE

Validity is the same as last year:- whenever you play a in a competition or with a partner and you play a PAR or BIRDIE fill in a form and put in on the tree, for handicaps lower than 20,4 only BIRDIE counts.
If it is during a Kampenhout Competition add a W after the Hole so that we can check this with the office.
Every month we will take the leaves and birds down and a random winner of the PAR and BIRDIE will be rewarded.

The ranking of the scores made in 2019 is hanging up in the Ladies Locker Room